I highly recommend SOARing not SWOTing. It is a much more positive approach to planning using Appreciative Inquiry and involving many stakeholders. It is a very donor based approach that gets buy in from the bottom up. For more information check out the “The Thin Book of Soar.” Below is some information on it. It is an easy read and easy to apply.

In the Thin Book of SOAR, authors Jacqueline Stavros and Gina Hinrichs present a positive approach to strategic planning. They say, “Weaknesses and threats are not ignored. They are reframed and given the appropriate focus within the opportunities and results conversations. Ultimately it becomes a question of balance. Why not spend as much time or more on what you do well and how you can strengthen a strategic advantage? What gives you more energy to take action? What gives you confidence to set a stretch goal and achieve results?”

Good luck and good planning!

Tina Sullivan