A push in the right direction

can make a big difference.

“Tina was highly recommended by a local foundation as a consultant to head up a feasibility study for our non-profit arts organization. After working with Tina extensively on this project, I can truly say that Tina is not only an excellent strategic planner, but she is also very creative, talented, dedicated and thoughtful. She was very effective at getting to the heart of what our programs were all about. She brought an ingenuity to the process that was most appreciated. Her work with board, staff, and constituents was both efficient and extremely productive. She has helped our organization greatly with developing strategies for networking, expanding our reach into the community, and finding alternative funding opportunities. I would enthusiastically recommend Tina for any non-profit consulting jobs!”   Claude McNeal   President & CEO | Claude McNeal Productions
"I have worked with Tina for over 30 years and she is simply one of those people who can get things done. There are valuable intangibles she brings to any project or challenge: integrity, tenacity and total dedication to achieving results in a first-rate manner. In other words, you know you will achieve the outcomes desired and it will be done professionally. I have worked with Tina in both for-profit and not-for-profit environments. She is equally comfortable in both situations. She is very analytical when confronted with a problem. Her analytical skills, both quantitative and qualitative, make her a thoughtful and effective strategist. She has used these skills to turn around, and in some cases save, several organizations. In addition, her engaging personality is perfect for facilitating group thought on matters of strategic planning, community projects, marketing and organizational strategy. This personal attribute is complemented by the experience she has had over the years with focus groups and leading others who have worked for her. I hope it is obvious that I have total confidence in Tina’s ability to get a job done whether it is in one of the areas within which she has experience, or addressing a general business problem that might be foreign to her experience. She simply is one of those people who can be counted upon to get the job done."   Thomas A. King Thomas A. King Consulting
“Tina brings great marketing savvy and depth of knowledge to each project she works on. Her product is great and she's fun to work with--a winning combination!”  Aja May Pirtle  President | AMP Consulting
“Tina is a no nonsense expert in the area of business marketing research and strategy. Her strength comes from her ability to add value to everything she is involved with. She has proven to me that she can come into any situation (beginning, middle or end) and quickly get herself up to speed and be contributing creative and effective ideas in no time. She has assisted me with developing processes and plans as well as with various tasks our company has hired her to do as an extended resource when our staff is at full capacity. Tina has also been a tremendous help in coaching and mentoring me in all areas of marketing. She is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about making improvements to their marketing initiatives.”  Matthew Maudlin  Strategic Marketing Executive
“Tina is an outstanding marketing partner, whether managing the project, developing strategy, or gathering research. Her experience, creativity and honesty are refreshing for both her customers and partners. She knows how to make the entire process a lot of fun.”   Scott Johnson  Partner/Creative Director | Axiomport
"Santina is an excellent strategic planner and helped the organization I worked with align critical goals with key funding opportunities. Her process was extremely detailed and required key participation from the Board of Directors as well as outside stakeholders. The plan helped us leverage more than $3 million dollars."  Janine Betsey  Executive Director | Merchants Affordable Housing Corporation
"I was President of the Christamore House Guild and a member of the Board when Tina was brought in as the Interim Executive Director at Christamore House. Tina is an amazing leader. She took a situation that looked impossible and turned it around for the better. She was extremely detail oriented in regards to numbers and the bottom line. Tina also had unbelievable personnel skills in dealing with the staff. Most of the staff was against bringing in a consultant at the beginning, due to the situation, and all were sorry to see her go when the situation was resolved. I would be honored to work with Tina in the future."   Lynne Bir  Christamore House Guild | Community Outreach Coordinator at ATHLETIC ANNEX
“ The Board of Art With a Heart engaged Tina to conduct a Capacity Building survey. We charged her with administering a broad sweeping review of all facets of our Organization. She had effective contact with our clients, funders, Board, volunteers and staff. At every turn Tina was respectful, engaging and knowledgeable. She was able to collect feedback from each group, analyze the results and effectively convey her findings to multiple levels of our Organization. I can pay her no higher complement than to say that she was able to make everyone involved in her process feel as though she was truly trying to help make Art With a Heart a better Organization, in all areas. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.”   Michael E. Bogers   Board Chair | Art With a Heart Indianapolis
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“Working with Santina was an excellent experience! She understood the museum’s need to create a strong three-year strategic plan that would set the stage for our organization’s success and worked diligently with the community, stakeholders, volunteers, staff, and Board of Trustees. The final plan that was adopted by the Board included a new mission and vision statement, key strengths, and pathways to enhance our public presence, earned income, educational goals, development activities, and much more. We continue to use our strategic plan as our guide through 2023 and all of our efforts are paying off.” Brandon J. Anderson Executive Director & CEO | Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum
“You’ve given us a plan that inspires me with more hope and optimism for the future of the Phoenix than I have ever had in my 22-year association with it. Not only will we survive the pandemic, but we have a course of action that will allow us to soar as the pandemic lifts.” Bill Simmons Former Artistic Director and Current Campaign | Phoenix Theatre